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to the Sussex Branch Trail

This page last updated:
14 April 2007


(*) Indicates pot-a-potty nearby (+) Indicates food & drink nearby


Although the Sussex Branch Trail actually starts on Waterloo Road in Mt. Olive I've decided to list a few places here in case you choose to check out Netcong station or want to purchase a snack before starting off.

Near the station in Netcong are the following places to buy food:

  • Quick Chek
  • 2 Pizza places
  • A Chinese restaurant
  • An Italian Deli
  • Shop-Rite



Updated 11 December 2006

Waterloo Road

The parking area has recently been resurfaced with gravel. There is a 'park' bench here and solar-powered outhouse.

[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated 2 November 2003

Cranberry Lake

Condition of ROW: Waterloo Road to Cranberry Lake the ROW is rather wide and well used. Just south of the lake there are several large puddles and north of South shore road you might find boat trailers parked on the trail.
A commuter parking lot on the ROW in Cranberry Lake will annoy you, but then the trail returns going towards Andover. I found the Andover side of this rather rough and ballasted with rocks.


  • Cranberry Market Deli (Across Route 206 from the lake)


[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated 14 April 2007


Condition of ROW: From Cranberry Lake to Andover the ROW is probably in it's worst condition. At Whitehall Road it turns into a weed overgrown 'barely a path' and deteriorates where a stream has jumped its bed. It's walkable and a mountain bike could get through, but unless you're a true Pilgrim, best bet is to follow Whitehall Road until the ROW rises above the road. There you can see a place to get back on so that you can cross over the 'Hole in the wall' and enter Andover.
Between the Hole in the Wall and the Cut-Off Tunnel I noticed some minor erosion from our recent rains. If you're riding a bike, be a little alert.
Through Andover the path narrows as property owners on both sides have been encroaching on the ROW, however, once you're through Andover, the bridge is now 'in' just past Andover Junction and you can continue on.

[The section between Cranberry lake to south of Andover is first on the list for resurfacing and repair. If anyone notices this happening, please inform me.]

There is usually an outhouse north of the Route 206 crossing. Along Goodale road, at the parking area for the Kittatiny Valley State park, there is ample parking plus a solar powered outhouse.

Eats: In Andover there are several places to buy snacks or food, all along Route 206.

  • Getty Station
  • Sonny's Pizza
  • Andover Deli
  • Andover Diner
  • Dunkin' Donuts (in the Exxon Station near Limecrest Road)
  • Tiger Mart (In the Exxon)


[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated 11 November 2002


Condition of ROW: From Andover to Newton the ROW is in fair shape. If you are biking, keep a sharp eye out for washouts.

Just past Hicks Avenue, things get a bit tricky. The town took the fill out and has built a strip mall on the ROW ( I believe the town of Newton actually OWN the ROW within the town limits.) I suggest using Newton-Sparta Road, which parallels the trail until you reach the Freight Depot. From there, follow Spring Street to the intersection of Diller + Stuart. Turn left onto Stuart Street and follow it to Trinity Street. There's usually a pile of wood next to the ROW going into the 'Newton Meadows.'

North of Newton, the trestle in the Meadows has not been put in. During the dry season it's easy to cruise through on your bike and sometimes there's a narrow plank bridge going across. It's a very buggy ride through the swamp in the summer.

An alternate route, which skips the problems in Newton, is to turn right onto Hicks Avenue (from the ROW) and follow it. Where Hicks Avenue straightens out is where the original roadbed was (before the tracks were pushed all the way through Newton.) About 1/2 - 3/4 mile down the road is a gate on the left. There is a path next to it to get you back on the ROW proper.


  • Quick Chek (on Newton Sparta-Road just past Hicks Avenue)
  • Lunchbox Deli (On Diller Avenue near intersection with Newton-Sparta Road)
  • Newton Pizza (Newton-Sparta Road across from Woodside Avenue)
  • Flapjacks (Across from the Freight House Mall) This restaurant is in what used to be the Lackawanna Inn. As far as eating there, it's what I term 'food on a plate'. Last few times I was there the cook brought the food out himself.
  • G+S Deli (Across from the Freight House Mall)


[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated 16 July 2001

Branchville Junction/Warbasse Crossing

Condition of ROW: The trail is in pretty good shape here, especially between Warbasse and Lafayette. The marker sign at the crossing is in error, however. The Sussex Branch was not out of service until 1966--not 1963. If anyone knows who the volunteer is who does this, please gently inform him.

There is a 'park' bench at the Warbasse Crossing, and a solar powered composting toilet now graces the parking lot of the Paulinskill Valley Trail.

[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated 7 May 2003


Condition of ROW: The path is in fairly good shape here although there are times it gets narrow. There is a 'park' bench near the Rt. 94 crossing by Olde Lafayette Village. There are portapotties in the playground/park on the north end of the village.

From the Lafayette Antique center to the Mudcut crossing the trail is wide and well used. From There to the Snover road crossing (once a trestle,) it's a bit narrower, but still in fine shape.



  • Old Corner Deli (Located along Route 15 South (below antique stores))
  • Lafayette General Store + Restaurant
  • Lafayette Deli + Dairy (Up the hill from Olde Lafayette Village at intersection of Route 94 and 15)
  • Olde Lafayette Village
    • Mary Clare's Cafe + Deli
    • Oh, Heavenly Sweets
    • Lafayette House + Pub


[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated 2 November 2003

Strader's (in Frankford Township)

Condition of ROW: The state put bridges in (1999) so everyone can traverse this section without hip waders. The area near Strader's is fine. The weeds are pretty much cleared up now. The only problems I found were a 500' stretch of heavy ballast followed by 500' of mushy ROW caused by a fouled drainage ditch.


Take 206 N from the crossing before Strader's/Becker's. There are several places about 1/4-1/2 mile away.
  • The Chatter Box
  • Tiger Mart (Exxon station)
  • Arnold's (little grocery store) next to Yetter's
  • Yetter's Diner (Very Good food and service)


[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated 4 November 2000

Augusta (in Frankford Township)

Condition of ROW: The roadbed in Augusta is fine.


  • Country Pizza (about 1/4 mile South on Rt. 206 from the crossing)

Directions to Augusta Station Site


[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]

Updated: 20 February 2010


Condition of ROW: A bit overgrown by weeds here and there between Augusta and Branchville, but very passable.  The roadbed under the Rt. 206 overpass is ballasted, which makes it difficult for bikers to ride through, but only for a little bit.

Bears have been see along the Dry brook (July 2001.) which runs along the trail from Branchville to Augusta. Please be careful.

To find the Memorial Plaque: Get off the ROW on Mill Street and go left onto 519 N. Make a right onto Milk Street. This will take you to broad Street. Right onto Broad Street, the Left onto Railroad Ave. The Memorial Plaque is in front of the Firehouse.

Eats: Get off the ROW on Mill Street and go left onto 519 N. Make a right onto Milk Street. This will take you to broad Street. Left on Broad Street.

  • A+G's Pizzeria
  • Belcher's Village Market (on Broad Street)
  • Bedell's Wine + Cheese Shop/Deli (Center of Town)
  • Calamity Cafe
  • Jim's Village Lunch
  • Third Base Pub


[Andover ][Augusta][Branchville][Branchville Junction][Cranberry Lake][Lafayette][Netcong][Newton][Strader's][Waterloo Road]
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